What is it?

Scanning consists of converting a physical data media (paper, microfilm) to digital format.

Microfilming consists of the preservation of information by taking pictures of the document by a photographic process.

PAPIRO's solutions:

  • Indexing images, integration of documents/images with the customer's systems;
  • Hosting digital documents in clouds or external servers;
  • Designing insourcing/outsourcing projects;
  • Safe for the storage of digital formats (Backups, tapes, CD, DVD).


  • Streamlining access to information for multiple persons, through instant viewing of images on personal computers;
  • Increased speed of access;
  • Quick and effective disclosure within the organisation and with customers;
  • Reduction of search time (indexed by keywords) and document analysis time;
  • Reduction of storage costs;
  • Speeding up access control and information distribution;
  • Integration of historical and current data;
  • Multi-platform look-ups (cd, intranet, internet) and at any time.

The hybrid systems that combine microfilming with the current electronic storage systems for digital documents are being increasingly used and recommended because they enable the critical information of companies and institutions to be protected, providing them with an alternative document management system.